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Who Is Nanotec-USA

Nanotecec-USA ranks among the first Nanotechnology and bionic engineering companies in the USA. In 2005 it established the product line of NanoBionics. In 2006, Nanotec-USA signed a shared technology agreement with a major laboratory to establish a working relationship between the USA and Germany. By combining our technologies and further development of this product line, along with a firm basis in Nanotechnology and bionic engineering built over decades, have helped Nanotec-USA to successfully bring exceptional nanobionic products delivering strong benefits in their everyday use to the market.

Nanotec-USA with their sister company in Germany currently engineers more than 120 different NanoBionics products for the treatment of diverse surfaces. The range is divided into four quality grades: consumer, commercial, industrial and aerospace. The products are particularly valuable for refining industrial surfaces such as facades or glass, and in easy-to-clean and self-cleaning treatments for vehicle windscreens, paintwork, wheel rims or kitchen surfaces made of stainless steel, etc.

The company headquarters is located in the Washington D.C. Metro area. Having the shared technology agreement with their sister company in Germany, a group has evolved which includes 10 other companies which have specialized in sales and services on a worldwide level.

Nanotec-USA has a newly contracted Agent in Australia. The Agent, Kevin Humphreys, will be heading up operations to serve the Australia and New Zealand regions. 

With the launch of the new service providing system, the products have found the perfect placement with professional users, as in nanotechnology applications in the areas of vehicle finishing, aviation fuel savings and safety, refining and customizing, anti-corrosion for steel, anti-oxidation to various metals, anodized aluminum, building exterior glass reconditioning and refining, automotive, aviation, yacht and kitchen refinement and much more. Around 100 distribution partners and licensees have already been established in this market worldwide. The group engages over 800 Specialists throughout the world.

Industries served

Nanotec-USA is a leading company in the following applications using NanoBionics products: nanobionic coatings, hydrophobisation and treatments for all material surfaces with non-adhesive and dirt-repellent properties, scratch-proof systems, easy-to-clean surfaces, hydrophilic surfaces, anti-corrosion systems, bionic self-cleaning systems, UV-resistant surfaces, weather-resistant surfaces, temperature-resistant systems, anti-fingerprint systems, abrasion-resistant surfaces, graffiti-protection systems, calcium and lime-resistant surfaces, wear-resistant systems, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, permanent impregnation, permanent seals and combinations of several properties simultaneously.

With the launch of the NanoBionic Car Program for the United States in 2005, the products have found the perfect placement with professional users, dealerships and automotive manufacturers. The NanoBionic refined surface becomes Super Hydro-dynamic producing a laminar flow of air over the NanoBionic surface which can help reduce fuel costs due to a reduction in wind drag. Nanotec-USA helped the Nish Motor Sports Land Speed Car go even faster using 50% less nitro methane during the 2008 Speed Week runs at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

The NanoBionic treated surfaces will be easier to clean, virtually self-cleaning when exposed to rain. We also have NanoBionic treatments for yacht, kitchen refinement, clear plastics, aviation and aerospace surfaces, concrete and stone, textiles and much more.

NanoBionics for Flat Panel Display Screens

Nanotec-USA has recently entered the industry of
"Flat Panel Display" protection. Once treated the Flat Panel Display will be protected from fingerprint burn in and will be easier to clean with a soft damp cloth.

How Are We Different?

Nanotec-USA provides surface care solutions by using self-assembling bionic nanotechnology smart surface technology. Traditional surface coatings have been of a silicone, siloxane, silane, polymer, Teflon, PTFE or wax material. Nanotec-USA's NanoBionics Smart Surface Treatments work by restructuring the surface at the molecular level without the use of chemical coatings, leaving the surface easier to clean/self-cleaning and protected from abrasion.

Nanotec-USA's products are not the same technology as other "nanotechnology" products sold world wide. There is a difference in the technology, most work by way of a physical bond and not a chemical transformation. Please do not compare our NanoBionics treatments to other products, they are not the same.

Nanotec-USA is not an internet store front re-seller or a franchisee, we work with our chemists in the laboratory where our NanoBionics treatments are engineered. The information provided on our website is of our own technology and our own testing results.

Please refer to our Media Kit for additional information regarding our company and our technology.

Core Competencies
Core competencies do not include formulation technology in polymers, siloxane, acrylics, PTFE or urethanes on plastic, glass, textile, paint, concrete, stone, metals and other substrates. Nanotec-USA works with high quality, highly engineered Bionic Nano-particles that truly self-assemble into newly formed structures. These newly formed structures form a mono-layer nano-scopic protective mesh docking directly within the pores of the substrate at the molecular level.

Please do not try to compare Nanotec-USA's Bionic Nanotechnology products with products that are of old technology which simply produce a physical bond.

"There are many kinds of "coatings" for various types of surfaces and each one fills a different requirement.  There are coatings for glass that repel rainwater and make it easier for a driver to see through a windshield on a rainy day. There are waxes that reject water from paint. Other coatings claim to prevent mineral build-up on various surfaces from glass to masonry to paint to metal.

All of these coatings have several things in common.  They are specialty products that don't cross over to serve other purposes; they reject a small variety of attacking materials, like water or oil or solvents or mineral deposits; and they tend have short life spans.

To achieve rejection of multiple materials simultaneously, such as water and oil and solvents and mineral deposits, an entirely different class of products is required.  This class of products is not considered a "coating" that lays on the surface of the substrate material.  This product class actually builds a nanoscopic mesh layer on the substrate, bonding to the substrate and forming a protective curtain between the substrate and the attacking material.

The characteristics of the bonded protective mesh are: permanency, easily repairing (self-repairing), able to reject a large variety of attacking materials, self-cleaning, and prevents damage caused by mineralization (water spots).

This is a premium product that must be presented and sold as a premium up-scale product and should not be compared to inferior "coating" products as described above.