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Our NanoBionics water and dirt repellent treatments have stood up to battle field conditions in Iraq on combat vehicles. Made responding to Emergency calls safer for Fire Departments during severe weather conditions and protected sensitive Technical Rescue Search Camera's lenses and display screens.


Nanotec-USA has sponsored three State-of-the-Art Fire and Rescue boats by supplying NanoBionics Marine Glass and Plastic treatments to the following fire departments:


* Occoquan Woodbridge Lorton VFD- Boats 512 and 502 windows, display monitors and FLIR Cameras and in cabin display screens are now NanoBionic.


* Nanotec-USA sent the Miami Dade Fire and Rescue Department Marine Division- NanoBionics Marine Glass treatment and NanoBionics Soft Polish to test our products on their new fire boat.



Nanotec-USA has supplied their NanoBionics PG-F for plastics and NanoBionics GC-F for glass and ceramic treatments to the Virginia FEMA Task Force to treat their sensitive Urban Search and Rescue equipment and for their response vehicles..


Crew Cabin of FireStorm with treated windows.


Search Camera treated with NanoBionics treatments


All these specialized Organizations have one thing in common, they are expected to respond no matter what the weather conditions are. By treating your vehicles, equipment and uniforms with NanoBionics TRUE Self-assembling Nanotechnology Smart Surface treatments, your teams will be safer.

All exterior glass surfaces on your response vehicles should be treated with Nanotec-USA's NanoBionics treatment. While responding in rain, the water drops will repel as the vehicles is driven. While driving at night, the driver has a clearer view since the NanoBionic Glass enhances night vision.

Your teams operate in areas flooded areas with oil and other contaminates mixed with the flood waters. Nanotec-USA’s treatments will repel these contaminated waters and make clean up after the call faster and easier.

We have performed real world testing in the Washington D.C. area on two NanoBionic vehicles. These vehicles were driven as daily drivers and parked outside year round. We found clean glass the morning after a night of heavy rain, ice and snow were much easier to remove during the winter months. During snow storms the glass repelled the snow flakes while the vehicle was in motion.

When it comes to your team members getting to the job safely and returning home safely after the job is done. Nanotec-USA believes there is no better product than our NanoBionics treatments. We make this statement by testing our products on our own vehicles in real world conditions before selling them to you.

If you want lab results go to the doctors, if you want TRUE Nanotechnology treatments that were put through real world testing conditions buy or products..

NanoBionics, the protection of the future, today!


NanoTec-USA's NanoBionics treatments offer extra safety for your Professional Organization.

Rescuer wearing NanoBionics treated glasses
This Rescuer is using a Stanley Diamond Chain Concrete Saw which sprays up a dirty slurry of water.

The FireStorm Fire and Rescue Boat 512 OWL VFD
All exterior glass is protected with NanoBionics Marine GC-F treatment.

USMC Patrol Battalion in Iraq
All glass and plastic treated with NanoBionics treatments donated by Nanotec-USA.

The President of Nanotec-USA, John W. Moore, is a Life Member of the Occoquan Woodbridge Lorton Volunteer Fire Department. Mr. Moore has 26 years of service as an Emergency Vehicle Driver and has advanced training as a Heavy Tactical Rescue Firefighter. Mr. Moore will assist you and your staff in choosing the proper NanoBionics treatments to suit your needs.

Please call Mr. Moore directly at (703) 929-4340 for help assessing your team’s surface compatibility and surface protection needs. This is Mr. Moores personal cell phone number, you will not be transferred around by 10 people, he will take your call personally. Serious calls only please.