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NanoBionics products are durable Bionic Nanotechnology ultra concentrated smart surface treatments. The product docks directly to the material molecule making a mono-layer nanoscopic mesh similar to the dermal covering a shark's skin. The newly formed Nano-structures substantially improve the surface in its dirt-deflecting characteristic. The treatment is permanent, however, if the surface is damaged, the Nano-structures will be removed along with the base substrate.

Dirt particles cannot store themselves within the NanoBionic treated materials pores. A transparent, invisible and breathable protection on the surface develops with a long life span. Adhesion of insects and dirt is prevented.

The cleaning is substantially easier and faster. Free view with rain leads to increased driving safety. The special protective function of the product is reached by the substantially higher portion of Bionic Nano-particles. The products can be engineered to produce hydrophobic or hydrophylic function.

As in the plant world, the water and dirt cleans off the NanoBionics surface when exposed to heavy rain.

The product does not contain acrylic, silicone, fluorine, fluorocarbons, carbon, or siloxane or wax.

Repellent function on auto glass is noticed, starting from approximately 40-55 mph, depending on the airflow across your windshield.  Durability on windshields is approx. 2 to 3 years, or 60,000-80,000 miles depending on your driving environment.  Non-forward facing glass lasts considerably longer.


* Water-rejecting,

* Anti-Calcium function is now reality,

* Easy to Clean,

* Clear view with rain,

* Bionic rejection of dirt, 

* Hard water and acid rain is removed with a soft damp cloth,

* Increased gloss stability,

* Protection from environmental influences,

* Ice-rejecting,

* Insect-rejecting,

* UV stable,

* Reduction in glare while driving at night,

* High pressure cleaning machine stabile,

* Cleaning agent-stabile

* Problem-free view driving in rain,

* More relaxed driving during inclement weather,

* Long-term-stability,

* Does not cause streaking or smears to glass or paint when exposed to rain as many siloxane and polymer products will,
* Textile becomes stain resistant and liquid repellent without changing the hand of the textile
* Fingerprint burn in is reduced.

NanoBionics Textile Treatments

Our Products

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Jeep soft top half NanoBionics treated.
Real World Testing. Notice the muddy water beads up on the Bionic Surface.

NanoBionics AG-P
Muddy water is repelled from the NanoBionic Glass

"TRUE" Self-assembling Bionic Nanotechnology 



NanoBionics treated paint repels water and dirt



NanoBionics treated glass and paint repels snow and ice.




You may E-Mail us with specific surface compatibility questions..