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Advanced Bionic Nanotechnology
Water and Dirt Repellent

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Nanotec-USA ranks among one of the first enterprises in the United States
with a wide range of Bionic Nanotechnology Products.

The self-assembling Bionic Nano-particles are engineered to dock directly to the molecules
within the pores of the material. The Particles/molecules in our NanoBionics treatments are smart,
they self-align themselves forming new structures within and across the surface of the substrate. 
Bionic Nanotechnology is the domain of ultimate engineering, where chemistry, physics and
mechanical design converge on a molecular scale..

Nanotec-USA's chemists engineer high tech. Bionic Nanotechnology smart-surface protection
treatments for a vast amount of industries and surfaces: automotive, aerospace, military, textile,
plastic, concrete and natural stone, stainless steel, aluminum, gold, marine, industrial, wood,
paper, carboard pallets, and agricultural to name a few.

The function of Nanotec-USA's NanoBionics products are: make surfaces
easy to clean and
self-cleaning, abrasion-resistant and surface protection systems for a wide range of substrates.
Nanotec-USA promotes its NanoBionics products to build a worldwide marketplace.
We welcome
national corporations as distributors and resellers. (Serious inquires only please.)

The principles of Nano-Bionic Self-assembling Nanotechnology are utilized to create exceptional
performance in everyday items.


We are devoted to bringing nothing but the best, safest and easiest to use water and dirt repellent
treatments and surface protectants to industries and individuals in the United States and around the world.

Our mission is to become a leader in the marketing, public education and distribution of Nano-Bionic
Self-assembling Nanotechnology Products.

We welcome high volume orders to industry corporations, casino gaming table departments, fire and rescue,
law enforcement agencies, military, auto manufacturers, aviation and aerospace, race teams, automotive and
architectural glass manufacturers.
Let us know how we can serve your needs.

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searchcam1.JPG textiletreated.jpg croppedraindropsredtruck.jpg aviation grade aluminum  cdfcloseup.jpg

Nano-Bionics refined surfaces are not completely smooth:
Nano-Bionic refined surfaces resemble the skin of Sharks and Dolphins due to the
ability of our Nanotechnology Nano-Bionics products to produce surfaces that mimic nature.

The Nano-Bionics treated surfaces produce a Laminar Flow, as shown at the
front of this submarine not Turbulent; as seen along the sides of this submarine.
The result is a surface that has a reduction in aerodrag, increase in aero-dynamics
and is super-hydro-dynamic.
In most cases, surfaces that have been treated with a product that makes them slick
and smoother will produce turbulent flows which can result in an incease in aero-drag. 

Shark Skin under high maginification.

Did you know...
shark skin, or shagreen, feels rough if you stroke it in one direction (back to front),
but smooth if you stroke it in the other (front to back). Shark skin is covered with
modified scales, known as dermal denticles, which contribute to their superb

Nanotec-USA's Nano-Bionics treatments mimic these dermal denticles
by way of Nano-Paricles that self-assemble and dock directly within the pores
of the base substrate.
Fabric for high-tech racing swimsuits, seen in recent Olympic
competition, has been modeled after the dermal denticles since this design
reduces drag and turbulence.



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